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Retired, Mathematics Tutor, will consider network security consulting

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Joint Inter-Agency Task Force East - August 1999 to present

I am responsible for data networks which support top secret government operations.  All aspects of setting up data networks including routers, switches, vlans, and routing protocols.

Monroe County School District - August 1998 to June 1999

I was responsible for all network and computer management at Horace O'Bryant Middle School.  The networks include Novell, TCP/IP, and Microsoft.  I am also responsible for advising on new technologies such as web cams and instructional software.

United Technologies Research Center - 1976 to June 1998

I am responsible for implementing ATM technology through a joint program with the National Center for Supercomputing Applicaions (NCSA) at the Universityof Illinois - the project started a year and a half ago. So far I havedirected the implementation of a collapsed backbone network at UTRC andworked on ATM-management / application issues on a distributed computingworkstation cluster at NCSA. I was responsible for developing and directingUTRC's part of UTC's SMDS network testbed. I investigated image file transfer,X-window applications, and audio applications (the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory'sSession Directory (SD) and the audio tool (VAT)) at the T1 bandwidth level.I planned with vendors to investigate video and whiteboard applicationsover the SMDS network at the T3 bandwidth level during August. `93.

During the past ten years I have been responsible for UTRC's local andwide area networks. My responsibilities included router configuration,network security, email integration of VMSmail, ALLIN1, SMTP, CCmail, andFAX using Innosoft's PMDF electronic mailer. To support the wide area connections,I had to consult with and visit Los Alamos National Lab, Cray Research,NASA Amnes, and UTRC's Internet provider(PSI). Responsible for networkmanagement of UTRC's local area network and interfacing it to a corporatewide network running DECnet and TCP/IP. The UTRC local area network runsTCP/IP, Novell's IPX, DECnet, and Appletalk. Responsible for managing acomputers providing electronic mail, file transfer, and remote login capabilityto the National Science Foundation Internet. This network includes CSnet,BITnet, ARPAnet, and gateways to networks in Canada, Europe, South America,Australia, and Asia. Hosted networking meetings for corporate network managersat UTRC.

Responsible for UTRC's Cooperative Workstation Network using ParallelVirtual Machine (PVM) software from Oak Ridge National Lab. IntroducedPVM to UTRC and directed the efforts of two computer analysts during theporting of several computational fluid dynamic codes. The speedups usingfour workstations was near linear (3.5 - 4 range). During this period Iused Fortran 77 programming language to solve systems of linear equationsusing LU decomposition and iterative methods. The LU decomposition algorithmused Crout's method - a compacted Gaussian elimination. The iterative approachesuse the Jacobi method or the SOR (successive over relaxation method) approach.

Last year, I lead a team of six computer professionals responsible forestablishing a uniform file name space based on NIS, NFS, and vendor andpublic automounting file systems. The purpose of the uniform file namespace is to support compute clusters running PVM and DQS as well as provideaccess to the EPOCH file archiver. Currently, there are 30 workstationsrunning PVM and DQS in production. This task has been turned over to theworkstation management team.

Responsible for operating system support for two super mini-computers(SCS40 and Connection Machine). Conducted group meetings and interfacedwith computer vendor personnel during UTRC code benchmarking and performancemeasurement. I set up procedures for UNIX file backup/recovery, NQS batchqueues, Connection Machine timesharing and batch queue processing. Systemsmanager for Digital computers running VMS, Ultrix, RSX11MP, and RT-11 operatingsystems for standalone and VAX cluster configurations. Responsible forinstalling Digital software products and third party software products.These products include computers, a graphic library, performance monitors,networks, simulator, and an IMSL math library.

From 1976 to 1982 I worked on a process control project at P&WAand developed and implemented a simulation model using the Air Force GASPpackage to predict memory allocation performance of a computer runningprocess controls and alarms. The simulation model was written in Fortranand the process control digital and analog algorithm's in assembler language.System analyst on P&WA's Automated Casting Facility project at Middletown,Ct. Responsible for development of process control software for shell coatingand curing using robots and drying tunnels, microwave dewaxing, and castingfurnace loading. In addition to the process control, the software providedalarm information to the factory and computer room operators.

Keane Associates - 1970-1976

Prior to joining United Technologies Research Center, Mr. Rothauserwas a consultant in computer systems for Keane Associates. His primaryresponsibilities were (1) design of a simulation model to study energyand reserve capabilities for the New England Power Exchange, (2) a mini-computerfeasibility study for a manufacturing firm, (3) design and implementationof a teleprocessing system supporting sixteen interactive terminals, (4)design and management of a computer terminal charge back system for a majormanufacturer.

Northeastern University

While Mr. Rothauser attended Northeastern University, he participatedin the cooperative work plan. His assignments over the two year programwere in computer programming applied to the following areas: (1) submarineproduction inventory control system (Weights and Moments). (2) on-boardmissile computer simulation.


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