Our Wedding At Home!

bulletYes Honey, Twin brought the beer!
bulletThe Wedding Party goes diving!
bulletThe female sector... not counting the groom... of the wedding party :)
bulletDon't fall in the pool!!!!
bulletOur Dance
bulletThanks Barb! The happy couple on top!
bulletAt last we sit down!
bulletOne sip of champagne!
bulletThe Walkers - Bonita and Bob
bulletBarb and ChucklesUK - the champagne was that good?
bulletMunch making sure the bride is doing the right thing!
bulletBride and son....approval????  YYYYYEEEESSSS!!!
bulletThe DJ's..Skibob and Starbird.. how many beers????
bulletParents... and aunt.... was the shrimp good?
bulletTwin from ARK....daughter in law..grandaughter... and best friend from TN... how much more could you ask!!!!!
bulletScooner Warf the morning after.... most of the gang is here!!!!!!!!   Free Beer?????


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