Second Annual Halloween Get Together Revelers!!!!!!!

bulletAfter a day of shopping and ?????? - look who is standing!!!!
bulletMel makes friends with one of the locals!!!!
bulletAlf and Leah at Margaritaville!!!
bulletMunch and Sylvia are ready for Halloween!!!!
bulletPirate ship runs aground on Sloppy Joes - Arrrrrrrg!!!!!
bulletFantasy Fest Parade Begins!!!!!
bulletThe Aloe float !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bulletSunbow's Fantasy Fest Tombstone!!!
bulletMelanie and Alf's Fantasy Fest Tombstone!!!!
bulletLeah, Ski, Mrs. Alf, and Redgod's Fantasy Fest Tombstone!!!!!
bulletAlf and Mrs. Alf returning from a cruise on the bay - think the engines run on beer!!!!
bulletHow far is to Miami Sweetie?????????
bulletTHE Nekkid boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bulletLeah Charms a Local!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bulletRevelers by the dock of the canal!!!!! - there maybe a song in that title! LOL
bulletRevelers Onboard The Western Union Schooner!!!!!
bulletThe SUN Sets on the Revelers!!!!!!!!!!!
bullet Rendezvous with Freedom